March 11th, 2007

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Preventing mold/drying your dreads?

What's the best way that you would recommend for drying thicker dreads? Mine have formed crazily fast; that's the luck of having coarse hair. But they are also very dense (I have two that are already pretty firm) & I like to take baths a lot, which I'm sure has attributed to them forming so quickly. Last night I took one and towel dried my dreads then used my super-intense hair dryer from school; it's about ten times more powerful than a dryer that you get at Walgreen's or Sally's. But this afternoon, I was feeling my dreads, and could tell that they were still slightly damp inside.

I decided to dread my hair because of their low-maintenance quality - my hair was always hard to deal with since it's so thick even though it's straight. If anyone has tips on drying my hair quicker, that'd be awesome. I'd hate to brush my dreads out because of mold or mildew.

Oh, and I did check the memories, but there were only two entries on mold so I didn't think it would hurt to post this. :P Thanks.

I'm gonna post pictures later tonight of my locks, too (since I've also dyed them brown and they look a lot more defined now), so expect this entry to be edited later. Whee!
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Hey! I live in Olympia, Washington, and I've been watching for a couple months, Maybe a week after I got dreads. I don't really remember exactly when I got them (but about 2 months) and I don't have before or after pics, except like waaay before. I have a lot of loose hairs, especially in the back, because I did them all my self, and I couldn't see them... I hope someday my dreads will be as cool as all of yours! The memories of this community have been so helpful for me. So thank you. Sorry these are so fuckin huuuuge. I havn't posted pictures in a while.. and I forgot how to resize. Tell me if I should delete, and try again when I remember how to maybe them smaller.

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I'm posting for a friend of mine again who has dreads but no LJ. She's looking for someone by the name of Neko, who does dread maintenance, in the Toronto area. Neko was recommended to my friend by someone who found Neko through this community, so we figured we'd give it a shot. So, if you're Neko and you're reading this OR if you have contact info for Neko, please leave a comment! My friend is looking to set up an appointment with her for some dread maintenance. Thanks in advance.