March 12th, 2007


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Almost a year now - thought I'd post some pics. I've bleached some of them a few weeks ago, and I think they're finally starting to grow!:) I've also made two tiny dreads in my bangs. Tomorrow my little sister is visiting me, and then I will post some pics of the dreads I made on her last week.

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Am I the only one that is completely unable to see the header image, or any images in the posts (next to comments, date, title) in Get Up Dread Up?

I don't visit often, so this issue may have already been addressed.

Apropos of nothing, is this post really suitable for this community? It seems to have nothing at all to do with dreadlocks. Again, I don't visit here often, so there may have been a shift that allows this type of thing to be appropriate, but the poster refers to it as "shameless advertising", which was previously unacceptable, and I believe it to be a bit stereotypical (people with dreads love hemp, hippies, etc.).

Dr. Bonner's soaps? and question about itchy scalp.

I currently do not have dreadlocks, but I love them and I was thinking about starting them this year. I've been reading through the memories, and see that this specific brand of shampoo seems to highly reccomended. I just had a few questions for people who have tried their shampoos...

Like them? Why or why not.
Did you use them prior to the dreads?
Did it help during the dreadlocking process (young dreads)?
Do you them on your mature dreadlocks?
The liquid or bar?

I want to try them out, but being a student I'm a little poor right now and their site has a minimum order of $20, so I wanted to get some insight from people who've used this personally :)

I've got a bit of a problem scalp right now. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week right now, and find that while my hair is more healthy now, my scalp is flaky and itchy. I don't know really what's causing this... I drink enough water and eat healthy so I know it's not that, and it's been with pretty much every shampoo I've tried (off brands and expensive stuff). I've been washing my hair 2-3 times a week since December, and it doesn't seem to be grease build-up, just white itchies. I know it's not lice or bugs too, so I'm kind of at a loss. Oh, and I don't use conditioner either. I just stopped about a couple weeks ago to see if that was the issue, but it doesn't seem to affect it either way.

I want to get this solved before I actually start dreading my hair, so any advice/tips would be GREATLY appreciated. It may even be just the weather, which is wrecking havoc on my face, but I don't want to take any chances.

I also read through the memories concerning scalp issues beforehand, but as I don't have dreads right now I don't know how much I can actually apply to myself.

Thanks everyone!
I will rule the world.

Anyone Local for Maintenance?


I'm in Montclair NJ...near Bloomfield, East Orange, Newark, West Caldwell...etc., etc.

I was wondering if there's anyone from this community that either does work on dreads in the area, or know of a person that does. I can travel as far as NJ Transit takes me, and financing is not an issue.

Any takers?

NCOR 2007

was anyone else from this community at NCOR this past weekend in DC?? i swear, one out of every three people had dreads. it was beautiful.

so then this morning i realized that my dreads are actually getting pretty damn long, and to celebrate, i took pictures to share. (they're 2 years, 8 months.)

IMG_9752 IMG_9764

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just venting a little bit

so i am fat. and i am fashionable. and i am in this community for fashionable fatties called fatshionista which is very clever, i know..

and the last few times i've posted there, i get anonymous comments in my livejournal saying i'm a greaseball, etc. i delete them right away, but i still had them saved in my e-mail, since i get lj notifications. some of the gems include the following:
  • a white girl with dreads? you look fucking ridiculous, not to mention you're an ignorant racist. and you look so fat in your fatshionista post that you can't even fit in the hallways of your own home. i hope you feel as disgusting and greasy as you look.
  • AHAHAHA I came here to say the same thing! Chop off the dreads whitey. You look like a fool.
  • you are so fucking slimy every time you post in fatshionista. RACIST CUNT
i told the other fatshionistas that it was hard not to care, because more than the anonymous commenters making fun of my weight, they're pulling that whole cultural appropriation bit again, but in a horribly ugly way. i know that we've talked about this to death in this community, and you don't have to lol check the memories me, because i'm not asking any questions or whatever. i just thought some of you would like to know that i'm being harassed and called a racist cunt because of my dreadlocks.

(womp womp life is hard. the mean trolls just can't let me be.)