March 14th, 2007



My mother keeps telling me that my dreaded hair smells horrible. When I wanted her to describe it, she said it smelled dirty, and that she could smell it just by walking past me. I've asked some other friends if they do, and they say that they've never noticed it.

I don't think my mom is lying or trying to make me comb them out by saying this, I just think she might be used to hair smelling like "commercial" shampoos.
But if she's right, and my hair smells bad, I can't figure out why. I used regular shampoo for the first two months, then switched to knottyboy shampoo. I've never used any other products in it. I wash it cirka twice a month. It's def not mildew/mold.

Any thoughts/advice?


I found a way to add myself to the community :P
It was kindof hard without any of the pics working...

Anyway, my name is Lilian, I'm from the Netherlands
and I am thinking about having real dreads.
I have had falls and braided in dreads, but lately I've been very interested in having then done for real.
Unfortunately it's a bit of expensive to have them doen, so I'm reading into it to do it myself with the help of some friends.

Any tips of you real dreadies before I embark on this adventure?
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Uhm... Hi! I'm Anya, and I'm new.

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I'm not here to ask advice, because that's obviously what the memories are for. Mostly just wanted to introduce myself, because I've been lurking here for a few months reading things before I decided to finally join. I'm amazed and awed by the stunning locs I've seen here, and hope that I can be a bit of a service around here, if only to say how utterly gorgeous some people's hair can be.
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hear no

zulu knots

after washing my hair, i was seized with a sudden and unexpected urge to try the curly dreads thing. however, lacking in any curling rods or the money or time to procure them with, I ressurrected a long forgotten piece of midteen nostalgia.

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I've no idea if it'll end up curly, but it's kinda fun. now to walk to the shops without being attacked by kids...
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hi, kids. i dermal punched joe's nostrils a few weeks ago. i'll be submitting a slew of pics to BME shortly, but here's a community-appropriate shot for now.

for those interested in technical specs, i used 3.5mm dermal punches & installed 8ga titanium eyelets. healing is going well, as expected.

other recent pics of joe: click