March 15th, 2007


Dying locks...


I'm thinking about starting dreads after wearing my hair in braids for years. Right now I have my hair twisted to get used to the idea of having dreads, but...I dunno. The permenance is scary!

One thing I'm concerned about is dying my hair. I've never dyed my hair, because I've been afraid that the bleaching process would be too damaging. With braids, I could use colored extensions which I liked. I read up on bleaching/dying dreads and it said it was not recommended because you could not get all the bleach/dye out of the hair and that would cause severe damage. Has anyone had sucesses or failures with the bleaching/dying process that would give me more insight? Also, has anyone ever tried dyes for naturally dark hair on dreads?

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hey there!

So, after wanting dreads for an enormous amount of time I decided to get some.
I backcombed them in about a week ago and haven't washed my hair since.

But I dont have the special dread shampoo yet cus well... I'm poor and can hardley afford normal shampoo

what I was wondering, would it be alright if I washed it with shampoo?
Im turning into a grease ball


sorry I don't have any pictures yet

i have a question

in this tutorial she says "I bought plain black human hair and a some perm solution and when i got it home I went right to it."
do any of you know what she did with the perm solution? and what she meant by "went right to it"? i guessing she backcombed it but the extensions look so tight and formed, i was just trying to figure out what exactly she did to get them that way.
oh and i dyed my hair!

(click to make them bigger)
it was supposed to be all red but i ran out of the burgundy dye (that turned out black as you can see) when i was halfway done so i had to finish the rest with sfx blood red which turned out magenta. :/ not exactly what i wanted but i still like it.

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So I just recently shaved my head and acquired a Mohawk but I think I’m going to attempt to grow my hair out with the sole intention of dreading it. I have extremely thick coarse hair. Obviously, my hair is entirely too short to dread (considering half my head is buzzed down to the scalp) but I’m wondering, how long should I wait before attempting to dread it? I’m not entirely sure about the upsides or downsides to dreading or trying to lock short hair but I’m up for any suggestions.

So this isn’t a text only post :

other - губы целовать

hi :))

My name is Katya. I am from Russia /moscow/. Today my dreads have a little birthday. They are half a year. I am very glad. I love them. I like how I am seen by my best girlfriend the photographer.

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Ten Days

Well, my dreadies are 10 days old today. They seem to be coming along okay to me. The ends are still unraveling quite often and some of the dreads on the back of my head have decided to combine and begin making HUGE dreads (which is okay with me), but I think they're doing alright. A couple of them are really tight already, which makes me pretty giddy. ^_^

Anyway, on to the photos, cause I know that's why you're all here.

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I really do love them, already. This is one of the best decisions I've ever made. ♥
face of the me

I survive once again, and therefore I win!

My university (UW pride! Not really, I have very little "school spirit"...) is on a quarter, not a semester, system, which basically comes down to the fact that we have 3 sets of finals a year, and if you hate yourself and take summer quarters, like I used to do, then you have 4 sets of finals. Naturally, this sucks. Well, I just finished taking my finals yesterday, and let me tell you how much it sucked. Actually, first let me tell you that the amount of work you'll put into passing your finals is inversely proportional to the amount of work you put into your classes during the quarter. So, I put 0 effort into my classes, being a senior who's been busting her ass for 4 years prior to this quarter, I guess call this burnout or just senioritis... So, woke up at 10am on Sunday, finally went to bed at 6:30pm Wednesday, the rest of the time was spent in the library, with small breaks that involved taking tests, going to work and getting bubble tea (I hate you, bubble tea!). 72+ hours with no sleep isn't as bad when you have FEAR poking its pitchfork into your behind, "if you fall asleep, you'll fail your classes and buh-bye, financial aid which is the only reason you're able to afford school!" AH, I'm awake!!!

Yeah, the point of this is, studying always involves a certain degree of slacking off. And this time, PhotoBooth and an iBook were involved. I'm just posting these for fun.

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My dreads, the "natural" part of them, are 5 months old, and to be honest, they don't look THAT different from the extensions, maybe slightly more frizzy, they've tightened up a LOT and pretty much the only fuzziness is at the roots where new growth occurs. That's also where the only loose hair is, I have very, very few loose long hair, my hair wants to dread very badly. It is still shrinking, though. I left 6 dreads without extensions just to have some that are totally my own, and they've lost more than an inch since they were started, which is a lot considering how short they were to begin with.

My lover is trying to make me go to a casino tomorrow so we can play Texas Hold'em, which I don't know how to play (he'll be teaching me now...) :-( Help!