March 20th, 2007

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Eczema Friendly Shampoo Advice

I've just scoured the 'memories' for advice but have hit a blank - if I've missed something, I do apologise.

What shampoo would you recommend for someone with eczema/allergies? Please bear in mind that I'm allergic to baking soda,vinegar, coconut, menthol, tea tree, almond oil, citric fruit & most pefumes unless they're natural. I'm okay with Lush products so long as they're not citric or coconut.

My dreads are now 4 days old & are coming along nicely. My scalp is another matter - it's driving me crazy. I think this is due to me having a build up of oil & dead skin cells. (Having eczema means I shed more skin cells than normal plus I have extremely greasy hair)

Not washing it isn't an option - I'm already starting to scab, flake & have a oil/skin sludge form on my scalp.

Washing with just water makes my hair even greasier & doesn't remove skin cells from scalp - tried that one already in the past.

Washing once a week/fortnight made no difference to my oil production (it was still greasy the next day after I washed it) but did make for an interesting few months whilst I persevered with it!

So, I SHALL need to wash it but I'm at a loss as to what I can use bearing in mind that the stuff I know I'm not allergic to were conditioning. (My hair was bum length so needed it)

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orlando area hang out.

so i know some of you live in orlando, and my band the folkadots is playing a show on the 29th at this house near ucf. our friends slugg's revenge, armed metropolis, and whiskey smile are on tour so if anyone comes try to bring a $3 donation if you can. the bands are folk punk kinda stuff and it should be a good time. the house it's at is really awesome.

2651 rouse road
orlando fl 32817

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once upon a time not too long ago, someone posted a quick update about a felting device... not just a needle... it had a handle and a few needles coming out of the bottom. does anyone recall where i can get one of these? i looked on ebay but i'm not having any luck. sorry & thanks for the help.

and just a photo because i personally don't really like text-only posts.
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