March 21st, 2007


hey guyss ... how are we alll ? =)

sooo my dreads are roughly about 8 months now and they are maturing and fattening up nicely yay !! they have their share of funky loops and whatnot and ii loove it<3
my only problem is that they get <i>realllyyy</i> prickly and rough and feel like stubble/straw or just something that isnt pleasant to touch  .... dont worrryy --- i went through the memories and read a bunch of shit on conditioning which helped  a lot BUT i noticed it didnt really answer my question:
is 8 months too young to condition ? i dont want my dreadies to fall out =(
 if i missed anything on the memories  dont hate me !! sorry !! 

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So here's my prediciment, not that's much of one, because I already know what I'm going to do about it, but it's bothersome none the less:

This summer, end of May to the end of June, I'm supposed to be working for my father at a car dealership during their huge sale (holds the world record for most Hyundia's sold for the last couple of years), where in that month I would make about $1500, about $500+ per week. But I just spoke to my father today and apparently the dresscode doesnt allow dreadlocks. My fathers going to talk to his boss and see if he can pull a few strings for me so I can still work there, dreadlocks intact, but it isnt looking too hopeful. My other alternative is going back to the restaurant I worked at during high school and during my other breaks here at college. There I only mak about $160-$180 a week.

Im not giving up my dreads just so I can break my back for a couple extra dollas, but I do need the money for school. And at the end of June I leave to work at my summer camp, which is residential and I only get Friday night and Saturday off, then I go back Sunday morning, so I dont have to spend much money at all. But thing is I only make $165 a week after taxes for living there for six days a week for 7 weeks. It's a nonprofit camp, hence the low pay. And I wouldnt give up being there for anything, I love it too dearly.

I guess I just needed to vent. I know my monther who doesnt like my dreads is expecting me to be persauded by the money and comb them out, but I wont. I'll settle for less pay and menial funding for school next year as long as it means I wont have my personality and my dreadlocks, which I love dearly, stirpped from me.

And.... because I dont like text only posts, their about four months in this picture. Ignore the way I'm dressed. We threw a wild west theme party at my boyfriends house and that's the most reccent picture I have of me.

Bored at work, procastination

so i am working alone in a university newspaper room, but have these wicked new imacs with built in webcams, so a bit of boredom, a jay, and few intersting lie arounds of items have made me say hi to the community in a playful way today

holy shit am I ever a camera whore, ship me off to amsterdam

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sooo.... question....

loose hairs? loose roots? and solutions to these problems? i've had my dreads for over 2 years and i have so much loose hair and my roots are growing out...

or should i just say screw it and let them be?

i tried looking in memories but for some reason it won't show up on my computer at the moment. time to attach pics anyways =P

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