March 26th, 2007

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so it was recently my 6 month dreadaversary but I didnt have a camera at the time so ya go.
I'd make a timeline but I cant figure out when pictures were taken so yea
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so, quick questionish thing:
today I was palm rolling my hair after a shower and after a while I looked at my hands and they were sort of greyish, as if I had been rubbing dirt in them or something. So, I had just gotten out of the shower so I know this is from my dreads. Has this happened to anyone else? anyone know what the heck it is?
ps: I dont roll around in the dirt or anything so i dont understand how my dreads could be that dirty.
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I completely forgot to post this last week, an excellent comment I got.

I was just walking around the supermarket when some little kid pointed me out to his mother;

"Mum look, a pirate!"
"It's a pirate!"
"It's not a pirate, it's a man"

I was grinning for about ten minutes after that, haha
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