March 27th, 2007

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bangs or no bangs?

i had bangs (fringe, for you british) for about 6 months. then i got sick of taking care of them and dreaded them up almost a year ago. well, now i miss them. but i can't decide if it's worth the extra care - washing, drying, occasionally straightening because my hair is ridiculous, tying them back when it's hot. especially since they're pretty nicely formed right now.

but on the other hand, i'm itching for a change but don't want to cut my dreads off completely.

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(sorry about the crazy smiles. i'm insane.)
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I'm newly dreaded, My babies were born about a month and a half a go. I love shaking my head and hitting people with them!

I have LOTS of loose hairs, but I kind of like them, if you live in brisbane and know of any good dread hairdressers please tell me.

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dreading soon

heeey, i'm renee. i'm planning on dreading my mohawk sometime during the second week of april. i've been growing it out for a while and the top and front are over five inches long. the only parts that are barely under five inches are the back and near my neck. i'm gonna have my friend backcomb them for me.
no wax, no rubber bands (besides for the gridding. they'll be removed before the backcombing.).

do you think five inches is long enough? that's what i've been told. sounds good to me. i still haven't really decided how big or how skinny i want the dreads to be, so if you have any suggestions i'm open for them. :]

also, this isn't a must, but if you've got any photo's of dreadhawks share 'em with me. i haven't seen very many except the ones that occasionally show up in this community. it'd be nice to see some more.

here i am:

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