April 1st, 2007


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i've been a member here for a few years and love looking at everyones beautiful locks, i've only posted once, so i thought i might show a time line of my hair since this month they will turn 3 years old, please bare in mind that i never really get good shots of my hair but i'm sure you get the picture..

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locks wanted

Heyy my name's Kristen
I've been watching this community for a very long time. everyone's dreads makes me nostaligic for my old ones. So pretty! I have a request... my dreads are pretty thin, and my hair is thin itself. I was wondering if anyone could send me a few fatties in the mail? I will gladly add them to the repertoire on my head! Just 1 or 2 that you've cut off, it will be a project sort-of. Thank-you!!
kissing hotties

Advice please! be kind :)

My dreadies are nine months old and I think partly because I've just been letting them form on their own and partly because I had a job for almost 6 of those months where my hair was pulled back into a bun really contributed to lots of loose hairs and sloooowness in formation. I've mostly just been palm-rolling lately and have resisted the idea of tucking the ends in because I kinda like my loose ends and it'll make my hair a lottt shorter.


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Gone with the red :)

Well sort of... I tried several times to bleach my hair, but it never comes out exactly the way i want it, so now i think it's time to stop dying my hair and start growing out my own hair colour. Now i just bleached it once and dyed my hair light blonde, but as you can see it came out light yellow/orange/blonde...

so i went from this:
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to this 

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to this:

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time and patience

okay, right, so this was my hair in november :Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket there are some dreads on the sides and bottom but you can't tell. not important.

this is my hair right now : Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

i started off wanting to mess with it all the time ... but now i just don't care. its started forming however it wants to. here's to time and patience.
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I'm looking for a certain someone here on livejournal that makes synthetic dread extensions.

I remember once upon a time, I stumbled upon her livejournal, and her website where she sells synthetic extensions, but her name has since escaped me. I'd probably recognize the website right off the bat if I saw it again -- I also vaguely remember something about this girl living in a major Canadian city, but I could be completely wrong.

Can you fine people please help me out, and list me any livejournal-ians you know of that make synthetic extensions?

New & Cheap Dreads

So I started dreading my hair and I wanted to know if there was any advice on any of the things I am wondering about.

I don't have a lot of money so we bought some beeswax, but when I use it, my hair is really greasy and leaves a mess everywhere, yum-yum.
So what should I use and how should I handle them?

What kind of shampoo should I use?

Also any basic other advice on them, it would be greatly appreciated.
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5 Month Dreadlock Update + beadery

5 Month Dreadlock Update:

I've also been trying to keep my grubby little protuberences busy.  As abstinence has failed me, the bottle hasn't taken me.  Curious thing, that.  Guess it was a rough patch.  Anyho, I made myself up some beads for my dreadies; after I do maint in Mayish I'll be wearing them more.  Here's a set for me (Sculpey III/Various finishes):
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I feel they turned out quite well; I've been doing this alien head dreadlock thing, and will be posting some similar to these on Etsy...

However...  Here's a group here:
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That I'm offering to anyone who wants a couple.  Trade would be cool, even if you'd just reimburse for postage once it arrives at your mailbox, that would rock.  Keep in mind these are Sculpey III (I'll be upgrading to Premo soon), and probably more as a dress item than for day-to-day useage.   All that I ask is a photo of you wearing them, I'd like to start selling on Etsy

Finally, this here is a custom set I did for a member of a list I'm on; her dreads are blue-green, and this is her set - just email me your addy hun and I'll ship them sometime this week when I get paid.  You know who you are:
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I also have several other dreadlock pendant beads that I'll be posting in my LJ, not really trying to sell anything at this point, more of a learning/community, who wants some cool stuff sorta post.  These are all processed in urathane; a nice protective shell, not sticky.