April 2nd, 2007


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My dreads aren't that great.. I put them in about 9 months ago.. I palm rolled them for a month.. a tiny bit of knotty boy.. after that I haven't done much to them. They can do their own thing. I wash my hair all the time.. sometimes too much.. I use conditioner on them twice a month.. they're nice and soft. Tons of loose hair.. but.. it's awesome. I like messy hair. And I haite brushing my hair.. that's pretty much why I have them..
These are my second set..

Russian Dreads?

Im looking into ways of starting dreads, ive been scanning everywhere possible,

Ive been looking at (and trying to translate) http://community.livejournal.com/dread_ru/profile as lots of the dreads ive seen started on there look really good from day one, not at all like backcombed dreads.

Anyone have any idea how they are started? I cant figure out if theyre Rip and Twisted or like, latchooked or what... any ideas?

The kind im talking about:- (hope these people dont  mind me linking, if so sorry ill remove!)



It looks like the guy doing them in the last link is rip and twisting, but im not sure...

Any ideas how these kind would mature?
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