April 3rd, 2007

Looking for someone

Hey all. I know you're probably not supposed to post pics of other people on livejournal without asking, but since I got these from here anyway I'm hoping they don't mind. It's the only way I can think of to help find who I'm looking for.

A long while back, a user here posted some pictures. I believe they were of a friend, not the user. Perhaps they halped their friend do their dreads or something. Anyway, these are two of the pictures I kept from their post:

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I'm trying to find the user that posted these because I have some questions for them about the person in the picture's dreads. I'm not sure if they still hang around here, or if anyone here knows who it was. Any help is appreciated. Thanks ^_^

New babies :).

Hello everyone :). I've posted before asking a few questions and just want to thank everyone again.

But this time my reason for posting is ... New dreads!
Did them today with a little help from a friend. Took about 7 hours and my back is killing me.

I thought my mother was going to throw a fit, but she quite likes them. Just praying the boyfriend feels the same way :p.


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red tree

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It's beenweek since I put dreads in. I only put 6 or 7 in random places. But today was the first time I've washed my hair since I got them & now they're just really loose knots. I know it's only been a week & I have a looong way to go but is there anything I can do for them?? :[

p.s. I'm new to Lj & I need friends? :D