April 4th, 2007

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Someone took some photos of my band at a gig last week, so it's a good excuse for a pic post ;-)

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and if anyone's interested we're just about to release an EP, which should hopefully be available from us next week!
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timeline-ish...and help needed in London, ON!

i've been with-dreads for about a year now..they've definetly changed and developed a personality of their over over the months.

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there's a fuz halo pretty well developped, and tonnnnnes of loose hairs, especially on the underside!

soo, i'm looking for anyone in the London, Ontario Canada area who wants to make a few bucks fixing up my head! i'm okay with a crochet hook myself, but i can only do what i can see....

thanks and, btw...loving everyone's dreads!!