April 6th, 2007

seven months.

A few weeks ago my mother told me that the house was being sold, and that they bought a two bedroom condo. I had to find a different place to live because my brother got the second room. Thankfully I found a place to live, the vacancy rate right now is terribly low. I love being on my own so far, but my camera has gone awol. My dreads are seven months, and I would like to share. However, I only have crappy ass quality webcam pictures. I resized the picture on photobucket, but it still shows up quite large on my browser. I hope that's not the case for the rest of you.

Once again I apologize for the quality, I tried to get dread-only pictures, but it was much too dark or much too bright. From what you can see, I think they've come a long way. Until next time.