April 9th, 2007

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Hey mates

I'm going to New York this week (yey spring break), but when I get back I want to dread my hair. I live in Michigan..about 15 or so minutes from Ann Arbor, 45 from Detroit, in this wee boring township called Canton. I was just wondering if anyone in the area would be willing to help me out, and a rough estimate of how much it would cost. Mind you, I need some brave people. I'm looking for fairly skinny dreads, and I've got a shitload of hair.

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Hey there, we definitely haven't met, but I've been secretly stalking you for the past year.5!

My name is Joy. 16, living in a decent place on Vancouver Island. I recently dreaded my hair, thanks, in part,  to much indirect encouragement from all of you : ) My dad asked me some pretty good questions about me wanting to dread, and inkywitch's post reminded me you might appreciate the insight, so...  Oh, also, rainbowaster, I based one of my answers off your comment, because it fit me almost perfectly too. Pre-dready photos also under the cut.

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How about you lovely people? What are your answers?

Post-dread photos soon. My camera's broken, but I got a few shots yesterday on friend's camera. Nice to finally communicate with all of you!  
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a discussion

cultural appropriation. discuss.

I've got my own personal (and I believe very valid) reasons for having my dreads, but I still have a hard time getting past the idea that what I see about them is not necessarilly what other people will see. Yes, we can say all we want about Indians and Vikings and celts and all that, but in the US, in this society, it is correlated with black culture and I have yet to really concoct a solid response to this quandary that I feel isn't taking the easy way out. I have white privilege, and I am grappling with it all the time. I sometimes feel like this is yet another way we are taking even more from a cultural identity that has already been degraded so much.

so, what do you think? I'd love to hear the opinion of black identified individuals or those who are aligned with rastafarianism. thanks!

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They'll be five months on the sixteenth. My boyfriend and my best friend bought me a relativly expensive bead for my birthday Tuesday, but it's a real dread bead, not just a random one that fits. It kind of hurts to sleep on, but I only have one dread it fits on. Oh well.

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Well, it's been pretty much exactly 4 months, and they're still going strong!  Well, I'm somewhat dissapointed in a lot of ways -- I've been feeling like they haven't been making much progress.  I randomly rip and twist the ends a lot, and I palm roll in the shower, but it doesn't seem to be doing much!  I know it'll happen eventually, I just wish there was more I could do to speed up the process.  I'm up for suggestions!

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So, I was just a little curious...

What jobs/careers/work do you all have/do?

Edit: I did look in the memories, and there is a post like this, but it's pretty old, so hopefully an updated one could be fine.
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Dreads on famous heads

Just thought I'd share, the lead singer of Makeshift Romeo (formerly from Twisted Method) Tripp Tribbett appears to have started dreads.

I think they look amazing.You can see what he looked like before on the Makeshift Romeo Myspace page.