April 15th, 2007

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I almost wet myself today in excitement when I tried back coming the shortest part of my hair today to see how it would stay. Looks like my hair finally just long enough to back comb without looking like a pineapple! YAY!

Only thing is, I came across a little problem.. I did about 8 in the back of my head (and would have take pics for you all to explain, but I'm lacking a camera cord for the moment), and by the time I had started working on the last one, I noticed the first few were going insane and already trying eat at each other and tangle! So, for now, I combed em out (my sectioning also kind of sucked).

I've heard people bad mouth rubber bands a fair bit... but what the best way for me to start my dreads and keep them sectioned nicely while they lock and form themselves? I've heard of people using thread? But I'm not really sure how that works.

I'm just back combing with a very fine tooth comb, palm rolling, no wax, and plan to do some salt water soaks a little later on and depending on how the develop, maybe a tiny bit of felting.

My hair is fine (strands), but it's thick and wavy, and I have a fair bit of it though it's been razored and thinned with styling over the years. It's healthy and good condition at the moment. It tangles fairly well, except for the ends.

I'd rather stay away from the way if I can, but if I think I need too, I'll try using a TINY bit of wax, probably Knotty Boy or DreadHQ (I like the sound of Knotty Boy more, but it may be a bit harder for me to get here in Aus).
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chlorine/sweat with dread perm

so I've read the memories about chlorine and swimming with dreads. i've also read up on the affects of chlorine on permed hair. most of what i've seen is that i'll have to be very careful.

but i'm going to be working at a summer camp for about three months with kids this summer, and i was planning on starting my dreads a couple weeks before the camp begins.

camp means swimming, sweating (and lots of it since i live in florida), and showering, every single day.
i'm scared of mold, stinking like crazy, and the damaging affects of chlorine.

i realize it will be a lot to take care of. is it too much though? should i wait until after the summer?
or suggestions?
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NYC Meetup?

So are we New Yorkers just too busy to get together for a dready meetup? I would love to get to know some dready kids in the area and my hair is in serious need of some tips and/or maintenance.
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redye-ing dreadies?O_o

Hello my fellow dreadheads! I'm having a problem redye-ing my dreads and I was pondering if any of you guys had any advice you'd be so kind to pass on? My situation is thus: I dyed my dreadies using a permanent purple hairdye a couple of months ago, which has now grown out by a couple of inches. Last night, I tied dyeing the whole lot (dreadies and roots) to a honey brown colour. My plan to re-dye it all to a new colour hasn't quite worked tho>.>, as while my roots have dyed to the right colour, the dreadies still have the old purple colour showing through~~.... Do you think there is any way I can dye the dreads to match the roots, or should I maybe just bleach the whole lot and start overO_o?
Hmmm thinking about it, this is probably more of a general hair dye question than specifically dreadhead, but ah well^^;;;

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what happens to hair if you shampoo it every night (condition once in a while) and never brush it? and spray salt water on it when it's dry every other day??

will it form dreads (of odd sizes, obviously)? or just one gigantic unmanagable beaver tail? or do nothing?

dread HELP in Pittsburgh, PA?!?!?!

Hi there. I've been slowly but surely putting in the dread extenders that I painstakingly made (dread-perming 12-14 inch human hair on a weft) but its taking FOREVER and because I cant see what Im doing, some of them arent very secure and have slipped out. My own hair is around 6 inches long and was dread-permed 3 months ago, and the dreadies tho short are pretty tight. I have about 40 on my head, medium sized, and they are dyed special effects dark purple. I was using o0_vibrata_0o's method to install the extensions, as shown here: http://quinnster.fqdn.net/dreads/vibrata.html but that didnt seem secure enough, so I tried Doctor Locks' method of sewing them in as shown here: http://www.doctoredlocks.com/store/demo/hh_dread_extenders/frames.htm using synth hair in dark purple (to match my own hair) as thread. However its going VERY slowly, it took me weeks alone to make all the dreads, and with a newborn in the house who's constantly needing me I havent had time to install more than a dozen or so. I'm about to just give up and cut it all off out of frustration! But then all my hard work would go to waste and I'd hate myself!!! :-( I was hoping to find someone in my area (I live in Pittsburgh PA) to help me out.... with 6 kids I'm really pretty broke and dont have extra cash to pay, but I can barter hair services... I have experience doing all sorts of extensions (microlinks, fusion, braids, bonded wefts etc) as well as color, and am pretty good w/dread maintainance as well (as long as its on someone elses head lol) and would gladly barter services :) Anyone that's interested, leave a message here or email me @ earthymamawitch@hotmail.com

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ragamuffin statement!

so i should be finishing my dissertation, but instead im slacking posting on here and listening to the new dizzee rascal tune which is well good!! can't remember when i last posted but my dreads are still growin and people always remark on how long they are...i dont wear them down enough though cos i got loads of loose bits on top which i need to sort out but i havent had the time!! and im also drunk in most of these pics..but i am not a pisshead..cameras jus always seem to pop up on drunken nights out :D

very VERY drunk and in the middle of saying something hence the rubbish face....!

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so yeah thanks for lookin at my photos sorry i appear to be a right wreckhead lol!!!!
Peace!! xxx


Hey guys and gurls, was looking up how to fix my dready problems and stumbled across this site, i think i may have written my troubles as a comment to someones post, sorry bout that, any way

ill ask again cause i stuffed it tha first time, i have really new dreads (2 days) been rolling them heaps and swimmin in tha ocean ta salt cake em to no avail. wat do u recommend to give my babies tha best start in life?

second, i bleached tha hell outa my hair before i got my dreads and i think my hair is falling apart, anything i can do to give it a bit of life again??

anyway im skip from wollongong australia thankx for any help u can lend and ive already leant heaps already from readin tha threads form u lot! cheers heaps ay!

^_^ Skip
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21/22 months

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About a month ago I investigated the back of my head, something I hadn't done in awhile. I found a bunch were growing together at the root (I know it's quite common) and I suddenly felt a sense of panic. An intense fear of it all knotting together in one inseparable mass? It was very strange. Then I remembered experiencing that panic early on in the process, probably after a few months. Anybody else ever felt that or am I weird?

I hadn't been doing anything to it for months, now I'm ripping them every few days. It's mostly the hair at my neck that was previously loose and has only recently begun dreading itself, and trying to incorporate everything around it. Although I was planning on keeping that section straight, I'm glad it did start knotting up on its own cos now I know that my hair can dread naturally, and more quickly than I thought. I'd definitely like to attempt a natural set after this one. Dreadlocks are the coolest. Like a garden on your head!
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