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new joe pics [16 Apr 2007|03:53pm]
gorthok at deception pass a few weeks ago.

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& by the way, i'm making the naughty_knotty post i threatened promised as soon as i'm done here.

off topic - anyone want to buy my cell phone?Collapse )

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"i like your stories, i love your gun." [16 Apr 2007|06:58pm]
for those of you who want to see more of me (than they ever wanted to), i posted in naughty_knotty:

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size? [16 Apr 2007|07:05pm]
My dreads are 2 weeks old as of like now. I made them pretty thin. The thicker ones, mostly which are on the underneath layers of my hair, seem to be dreading faster than the thinner top ones. So my question is this.
Should i be paitent and the thiner ones will eventualy start to dread up, or should i sew some together to make them thicker?
I know paitence is the key with dreads but i'ts just a small wondering :).

Here are some pictures to show the size anyway.

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yes, i'm a lurking bastard [16 Apr 2007|08:33pm]
trying to rectify that...every so often i go through a phase of trying to post and comment...and then i forget.

anyway, here's a wee collection of photos. my dreads are about 10-11 months old (we put them in over the course of about a month), and about half the length that my undreaded hair was.
shrinkage man...who knew?

this is my angry spider impersonation...

(taken in february)

and this is my lj-cut impersonation...Collapse )
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one year and four months [16 Apr 2007|08:37pm]
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peyote stitch [16 Apr 2007|09:25pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

sadly I do not have dreadlocks myself, but my lovely boyfriend has some almost three year old dreads. and for his birthday i was wishing to make him some dread beads using peyote stitch. i have been attempting these things for almost a week now and wanting to shoot myself because i just can't seem to figure the stitch out. since i know some of you wear/make peyote beads, can anyone kindly please point me in the direction of a really good tutorial for these things, or perhaps be able to describe the process for me? it looks easy enough but i'm having one hell of a time and well, my boy needs some pretty beads for his locks.

thank you muchly.

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[16 Apr 2007|11:33pm]
hey this is my first time posting pics, how do you guys and gals, link to pics. like how you have one pic show. Then it says plus 3, and you click on that and it shows you the rest of the pictures.
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