April 17th, 2007

Help! I need somebody....(help!) not just anybody...(heeeelp!) you know i need someone...

Hey, not so much an active poster or commentor as just an active fan and reader but i'm posting today with a plea! Anyone in the NYC/Long Island area willing to tidy up my dreads- you know, tighten up some loose hairs, etc.? my dreads are a hot mess!!

seems like every time i'm almost sure i want to cut my dreads (opportunity to shave my head? yeah!) people come out of the woodwork saying they love my hair...not that i base my decision to cut my dreads on others' opinions but it's harder to say goodbye when you're like hell yeah my hair looks awesome!

anyway, pretty much all i've been doing in terms of maintenace is trying to keep my dreads from eating each other and every now and then rip-and-twisting loose ends (though i think that's just an exercise in futility!). my dreads are getting long and they are getting wary. haha. i am particularly distressed by all the loose hair i'm accumulating. some of it i don't mind...well, what with all the ripping/cutting dreads apart, of course there's going to be hair that doesn't know where to go. i just...suck at fixing up my dreads! i have an event (graduation ceremony and nursing pinning day) next month and i want to look gee-el-a-em-oh-ar-oh-u-es.

i am at school at Stony Brook University but as i am finishing up my clinical hours closer to home in Queens that's where i'm going to be starting next week. I am willing to travel, and will compensate as generously as i can!

so i guess if you think you can help, want to hang out, etc...comment or e-mail me at jane.pechera@gmail.com

and since LJ and photobucket has made it oh so easy here's a sort of
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