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Day of Silence [18 Apr 2007|10:22am]
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because i have to express myself somehow todayCollapse )
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some help! [18 Apr 2007|01:48pm]

i've got this mess behind my left ear.
it's a huuuge pain in the ass. i tried knotting it up but it's just frizzy and annoying.
the hair comes from pretty much all around the back of my ear.
what do i dooooo?

p.s. next month they'll be two years!Collapse )
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Pictures! [18 Apr 2007|03:34pm]
[ mood | cold ]

My hedgehog, Theodore, loves dreadheads. ♥

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dread close-ups as promised [18 Apr 2007|05:09pm]
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[18 Apr 2007|06:13pm]
What is your favorite dread decoration??  I need inspiration for cool things to put in my hair!  Do you have beautiful beads or creative things that you wouldn't normally consider to add to you hair?  I wanna seeeeee!

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I'm baaaaaaaack [18 Apr 2007|07:17pm]
3 month old dreads made by shft2357 in mid January. Things are going much better this time around. :)

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[18 Apr 2007|08:59pm]
hello, this is my first time posting here. my dreadies are almost 2 months old now 

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an "i feel like it" entry. [18 Apr 2007|11:54pm]
I can put up my dreads now...

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