April 19th, 2007


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Hi, lovely dready people. Well, I've been lurking here for a few months and I don't wanna be creepy, so hi. I'm Kelly. I started letting my hair dread naturally around a year ago, but who's counting?

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It's a challenge to take pictures of the back of your own head...
Anyway, nice to meet you all. :]

Lesson Learned.

So i have recently learned lesson. When i got my dreads (1yr 8 months ago) there were little hairs between teh dreads and so i just cut them (STUPID STUPID STUPID) and then the hairs between my dreads started accumulating. Recently i decided it was such a hassle to keep cutting them that i would just let them grow out and then crochet them back in once they were long enough. The result after a couple weeks of growing them out is me with a super fuzzy head and little tufts of uncontrollable hair sticking out everywhere. I wear a headband or scarf every day to keep them under control and not make me look like a chia pet that has been badly cut. Conclusion: NEVER cut the hair between, always put it back into the dread. (Such an obvious lesson i should've clued into, but sadly didn't)

On a different subject entirely, my dreads are now long enough so that when i sit down on a chair with a back and try to move my head i cannot...and also when i put my backpack on they get stuck constantly! I am in love with them still though. I can't wait until they get a lot longer. :)

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i'm doing an art project on the topic of freedom and i've finally given into the obvious and will now be concentrating on my dreads.

however. i'm not overly keen on vocalizing my own feelings in a public way so i was wondering if i could take some ideas from you people on what your dreads mean to you. can be words or a couple of sentences. i will not pretend that what you say belongs to me but i don't intend of specifying any names so as long as you don't mind being an anonymous 'person i asked' then it would be great if i could have some ideas.

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ps. 10 months today. =)
cat : )

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So I read the memories and I still don't get the whole felting thing.

Do you have to twist the dread while you do it?
Do you go through the whole way?
What exactly is the process?

This is what the look like currently
I mostly just want to clean em up more than anything

I made my brother take a picture for me. . .