April 22nd, 2007


I was wondering if anyone here uses Dr. Bronner's on their dreads. I love how multi-purpose it is...
Are there any better soaps/shampoos I should try?

Can anyone provide some good recipes for dread products? I found some helpful Knotty Boy stuff, but I would much rather not pay out the ass for stuff I can probably make cheaper at home.


If you want to rep any great products, now would be the time. I'm planning on dreading in about 3 weeks. (Unless, of course, I get that stuffy office summer job I applied for...then I won't be dreading up until late August/early September...)

Is there anything out there that's better than wax for helping out caucasian hair? I have really fine hair and it forms dreads really well with KB wax. (I'm pretty sure I used it quite sparingly.) I know that a ton of people here despise anyone putting wax on their head...

I found a deep cleaning recipe on here, will that counter the nasty effects of dread wax?

Does anyone have any tips for combining bangs into the sections before dreading?

Sorry for the badgering!
out of time

would anyone be interested in home-made scalp spray?

My girlfriend is an herbalist and started mixing my anti-itch scalp spray after reading the bottle of the Knotty Boy Peppermint spray I'd been using. She was all, "I can do this-and without the preservatives and junk this stuff has, too."

She mixed me a spray that helps fight itchies (cuz I always get them), keeps my scalp cool, and helps keep the dandruff (I've a problem with this, too) at bay.  I've noticed it makes your dreadies smell fresh if you spray them with it.

I want to see what other dread wearers think of the spray, and am offering some complimentary 4 oz. bottles. If you're interested, reply and I'll send you my email addy. 

If you could help with post $$, or would barter in return to help me keep costs down, that'd be awesome :) Thank You!

******Edited To Add********

Here's the recipe. 
water, witch hazel, peppermint oil, hemp seed oil, aloe vera extract , grapefruit seed extract, jojoba oil. 

Put in a container with an atomizer top, shake well, and use!

We're still working on the mixture, to figure out what feels best so if you mix this at home, tell me what you think/what could be done better!
For anyone who enjoys the bartering system and sending/receiving "fun" post,  let me know. That's why I did this-to have something fun to send to all the folks who send me stuff in the mail. You all make my day :) slingshot75 AT gmail. DOT com


the pig of happiness

Peyote stitch

I made this an age ago but now my dreads are all really skinny, never even worn it, just found it in a drawer I was tidying... seems a shame really so anyone want it?

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Any takers/offers?

I'd appreciate something towards postage - I'm in the UK, so for fellow British-ers or residents it would be the cost of a stamp, for overseas $1 would do it.
Or if anyone wants to trade (anything you can think of, except beads because I'm having a non-bead phase at the moment) that would be cool, email me at alisondifm [at] gmail [dot] com
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Happy Earth Day!

I tend to celebrate Earth Day like it's the Earth's B-day or something and try to play outside for most of the day.
This year we flew kites and played in a creek. Took pics of course and got a few of my dreads. The end of this month they'll be 3mo. old. Babies still. I'm thinking about taking the rubberbands out soon.... a bit nervous though. They're like a security blanket telling me my dreads will stay together as long as they're there. But I don't know....
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