April 27th, 2007

cat : )

the third time is a charm

here it is 12.25 Am and I am awake. 
Not still awake I've woken by a hungry and playful four week old kitten who I've yet to name.

So I went from 14 days with dreads to now only 4 days without and I miss them like crazy.

I've decided on my next day off of work and school they are coming back.(after I dye them to a natural colour)

This time I am recruiting help to save my arms from being sore. I also am going to section first, well at least so I don't have any 'bald' spots. That'll save a few headaches :) And hopefully be done in one day rather than three. . .

So I just have a few things that I know are in the memories and want to make sure I understand as to have a better third time.

*start with clean hair
*rubber band only to section and take off ASAP that way as not to prevent knotting.
*wax and other products are optional
(some slow down the process and some help it,
 it all depends on hair type,  frequency of use and personal preference)
*make the first time backcombing a good one, cause any other is causing more harm then good unless it's a fresh start.
*crocheting, felting , and other methods of 'fixng' can help "quicken' and 'neaten' but shouldn't be over done as the can break and weaken dreads
*Dreads can be washed in almost anything that doesn't leave a residue
*Dreads can be dyed after they  can stand a good washing

Patience and TIme are  the key to beautiful,loving dreads :)

I am going to quit rambling now and go back to sleep


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my dreads are starting to drive me nuts. they are pulling on the bottom part of my scalp, i don't like the way they look and i have to wear them up for work a lot. and just the... sectioned hair thing. i want to feel my *hair* free on my scalp again.. run my fingers through it. i cut one or two down tonight.. i feel the change coming.. especially with the summer. i stopped brushing last april and that is how they have formed and they were perfect for last summer. it's time to move on. there's a LOT of pent up energy that needs to get off me.

maybe i'll do a timeline.. but i don't really have a lot of pictures of my hair.
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Everyone is dreaming about my dreads right now. Weird. I've heard it four times in the past two days that someone has dreamt about having my hair or about me with the focus on my hair.

I hope nothing bad is going to happen to my locks....or maybe something good will.
Jon Stewart

Where have I been?!

Okay, I promise I haven't forgotten GUDU, I'm just a little busy these days.

I think the last time I posted, Lish had done some maintenance for me. Like, almost six months ago.

Well, now I'm blonde!

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New Dreads!

Hey everyone! I'm new to the community. I just got my dreads for the second time a few days ago. Thought I'd share how they came out.

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Last time I had my hair dreaded, my hair proved to be too fine and they all slipped out. They seem to be staying better this time, but does anyone have any tips on how to make sure this doesn't happen again?
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I really appreciate all the help you guys gave me when I posted last, and I've read through all of the memories, and I decided that I wanted dreads. I don't want to deal with my hair having a mind of its own, and I really really don't want to deal with how people see me. Not anymore, anyway. I started making a plan, and got a friend to get on board with me. It was all set.

Until my mother put her foot down.

I don't like to complain about my mom too much. She's a nice lady, really. She lets me out of the house whenever I want, she parties with me, she gives me money if I need it. She doesn't even mind that I'm 17 and I'm more independent from her than my (way) older sisters were when they went to college. She doesn't care what I do to my ears anymore. There was only one thing she didn't want me to do: facial piercings. But now there's two. Dreads.

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