May 3rd, 2007

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I tried to check the memories, but the links aren't working, so I'll ask anyway.
How much do you charge per/hour for maintenance?
Thank you...and so its not text only,  this isn't really a picture of my dreads, but it is a good hat!
 No one really takes pictures of me, thats the problem with being a photographer!

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In Celebration of my dreadlocks turning 6 years old this month, i give y'all my favorite new hairdo!

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hopefully i can come up with a pretty comprehensive timeline in time for the 19th :)
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Ideas for a Wedding

I'm in a friend's wedding at the end of this summer and was hoping to get some ideas as to what I can do with my hair for the wedding. We're visiting a hairstylist at some point this month and I told my friend I'd bring some pictures for the stylist.

So...does anyone have pictures of anything creative they've done with dreads for some sort fancy occasion? Mine are a few inches past shoulder length, if that helps.

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