May 4th, 2007

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Hello sunshines...

Is there any shampoo that you can recommend for me to use when I start my dreads. I plan on purchasing Dreadheadhq, but I can't get anything online for a while. (In the process of opening a new account.). 

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So heres a question:

How do you/did you know when to cut? Is it something as simple and as personal as 'it just felt like time'?
The idea of cutting has been floating around in my head for awhile now, and Im not sure if its just boredom or something real. The idea of cutting them sound appealing but the idea of having normal straight hair does not.
Another struggle is that its been over three years and people have started to identify me as the girl with dreads. I have friends now who have never known me without dreads. Its not that this is bad, its just something I guess. On the other hand the idea of meeting new people and not having 3+ year mature dreadlocks doesnt sound appealing. Id like to cut this set and start another but skip the first awkward year somehow.
Any insight?