May 5th, 2007

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My dreads will be four months old on May 13th.
And I have a question/concern.

They're locking up VERY nicely at the roots..but the bottom half of practically all of them is
straight, silky hair. I could probably brush through it with no problem. Which is devastating haha

Is this normal or what? I know they're NOT going to be mature after a mere 4 months, but this is ridiculous.
It's as if I never backcombed at all. Which I did. I brushed the bottom half of my dreads more time than once, actually.
I've tried felting needles and rip/twist with no success, really...

Yesterday someone even asked me if I took my dreads out

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:D Thanks in advance. Really.

Photos! Finally.

It's been a month! what feels like 2 or 3 days. Wow, times flies. In case you missed my actual intro, it's here.

Anywho, my school choir recently went to Portland for a week and I was able to snitch pictures from friends. (My camera's broken, sadly. Any reccomendations for a digital SLR? I have some ideas, but it's always nice to hear actual feedback.)

About two weeks:

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I love them to bits so far :D
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ok so this is jordan i finished her dreads during spring break about a month ago. it took foreva. foreva. well they're doin' pretty well and so they're a little over a month old. like a month and a week. and a half maybe something like that.

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