May 6th, 2007

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There is a post on MySpace with the process pictures, if anyone is interested... Here...

I finally got time to sit down with my friend and start screwing with my hair! 6 hours of backcoming and palmrolling later, I had a head full of babies!

More to come when I get better shots, because webcams suck. A few around my crown are loose cos our comb committed suicide, so I got a new one to finish tightening up with roots today. I'll taking photos everything month so I can document how they progress (nerd much?). I feel like I have a science experiment growing on my head, and I love it!

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Bikram yoga

Spirituality and Locks? =) Andi says hi!

Hello everyone!
I wish you all a really happy and beautiful day! My name's Andi, and I'm a 28 year old student livin' in the central coast of CA. I won't try to tell you my life story, but right now, I'm really happy because today is the 3rd day in 6 years that I didn't take an opiate painkiller! And I was strong and walked around with the grace of my faith, and my new dreads yesterday and I felt great! And I found that as I walked and experienced my day, that my locks really *are* a spiritual extension of myself....
So- What I'm experiencing is amazing, and I'm wondering how many other folks out there with dreads came to them in the same (or similar) way. My story is below (in brief), and not to worry, I'm no scary prostheletizer! Just someone who's really stoked!)

After the cut is a good 'nutshell' idea of me- my life and why I started dreadlocks yesterday) is after the cut! I'm just wondering how many other folks came to dreadin' their hair in a similar manner. Thanks for reading! Namaste and blessings, all!
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My babies are a mere two weeks old, so they aren't nearly as awesome as all of yours... but I decided to stop being such a stalker and introduce myself. My name is Caitlin... hi! :)

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The ends don't seem to be dreading at all... but I love them as they are and I can't wait to see them develop their own personality. :) Have a nice night everyone.

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combed out half my dreadies a couple of nites ago. my`real hairs grown soooo long and i surprisingly didnt lose much. in total, i cut off 3 dreads, and combed out 4. took about approx. 4 hours of combing out using a freakin gallon of conditioner. didnt sleep till 5 am. =) 

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