May 7th, 2007

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Wow... i never expected so much interest, but i'm real glad i got it :) I do ship outside the U.S. .. all you have to do is go to my etsy shop (link below) and send me a conversation telling me where you live and then i'll figure out the shipping, let you know and i will then post a new listing just for you. The wrap below is listed and so is the Attitude Hat below that. The last Attitude Hat (blue/black - last pic) isn't listed yet, prolly will be tomorrow.)

Thanx for all the feel good i got from ya'll.

The next two will be posted soon at


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Do any of you guys have just the underside of your dreads dyed?  I just bought some box red color and I want to apply it to the underside so that you can see a few red strands peeking out.  I want to get an idea of what it will look like, so if you have pictures (no matter what color hair) please post! Thanks :)