May 10th, 2007

dreadlock dreams

last week, my friend (whose dreads i put in a couple months ago) came over and told me anxiously about how he dreamed that they were all coming unraveled, and falling out in his hands. i laughed and told him it's normal, that lots of people have those dreams.

then last night, i dreamed that my hair was dreading back up already. i had two nice dreads forming in the back of my head. i was so excited! i'm already planning on letting my hair do its own thing from now on, not conditioning or combing it, so i took the dream as a good sign.

Itching and washing reply

Funny to read how different everyone's reactions are to washing and everything.

My head itches every day, for short perios and it drives me crazy and I think of conditioning them out.
But then the itching stops after about half an hour or an hour and they're fine.

Up to now I have washed them every 1.5 weeks, but they unravel a LOT! :( since they are only a couple of weeks old. And I don't know if crohé-ing when they are this young is a good idea, but I have to or else my whole hair gets loose.

I have changed my shampoo though because I suspected it conditioned as well. So now I will try out this tea tree shampoo that isn't tested on animals and hasn't got colouring and all that shit in it from "De Tuinen"

It's hard for me to try and find all the products that are listed in the memories because I live in Holland and a lot of brands aren't in the shops here or maybe under different names.
So I'm thinking of starting a Dutch Dread community here on LJ, anyone here who's interested in that?

Greetz Lilian

Re-doing my dreads.

Alright, I've been told by quite a few people that my dreads are going to end up thicker than nickels. I actually want them a little smaller than nickels, maybe dime-ish, with others varying in size around there. I went to visit my Mom for the weekend, and had her help me with the sectioning and whatnot. Not only did she not make enough, but she positioned them right above one another (for the most part). So right now, I have 24 dreads. Just wondering about how many I should get to get the size a bit smaller than a nickel.

Here are a few pics with the texture, length, and whatnot of my hair.

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