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[14 May 2007|01:28pm]
My dreads will be six months old in two days. But instead of posting a mini time line, I'm going to post pictures of my cliff jumping adventure I went on yesterday =)

I was a bit of a chicken thoughCollapse )
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picture request. . . [14 May 2007|03:02pm]

I was wondering if those of you with dreads and an undercut, or any other shall I say alternative styles could post pictures. . .I'm arguing with my hair(which is a regular occurence) and want to cut it all off, but I still want to hold onto/ be able to make some dreads since i have developed a love for them.

Thanks in advance :)

EDIT: No dread pics yet. . .   :(

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One year, eight months. [14 May 2007|04:05pm]
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un de plus.Collapse )

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Dr. Bronner's [14 May 2007|04:24pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Does anyone know of any stores in Southern California that sell Dr. Bronner's? I've been all over the website and I can't find a list. I'd like to buy a small bottle of it before I get a huge bottle, and their website has a $20 minimum. Any help would be great....


Edit: There are soooo many people who jumped to my rescue... thanks to each and every one of you!!!

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Was wondering...... Attn: Dread Artists [14 May 2007|04:40pm]
Any/All that do dread art..........

I make these pretty cool condom/stash cases and if there is anyone that does 'dread art' i'd love to talk to you if you are interested in allowing me to use some of your artwork (drawings/paintings/photography, etc) on these tins. I of course would give full credit to the artist and I could send you a completed case tin also..... anyways.. it's just an idea i have and thought some of ya'll might be interested in getting some of your artwork out there.

let me know if you are interested.......... thanx!
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[14 May 2007|10:40pm]
So a while ago I posted asking for pictures of underside dyed dreadies. I tried it and I have to agree with the first two posters..it does look better on brushable hair (on my hair at least). So I added in more chunks of redness and here is the result:

lookyCollapse )

on another note...where are all the hot dready veg*an men hiding? there are too few of you to go around!
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