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hey there+)) [16 May 2007|01:08am]
yesterday my dreadlocks turned 1 year and i think its time to show you my babies +))

so, my timeline +))Collapse )
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new pictures! [16 May 2007|12:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I know I just posted, but I had the chance to go up to the university and use their scanners, so I have some pictures I've been wanting to show for awhile!

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some of our outdoor adventures Collapse )

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[16 May 2007|01:26pm]
So, I dreaded my boyfriend for 420. Kinda belated, I know, but here's picturesCollapse )
Peace, kiddos.
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dread progress! [16 May 2007|02:49pm]
my dreadles are a little bit over 2 mo's old!

peep it!
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[16 May 2007|04:32pm]

my best friend recently put on an amazing festival at our college, heres a bunch of pictures

dont pursue happiness, create itCollapse )
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Flat roots look REAL bad! [16 May 2007|07:25pm]
Alrighty, I've been through the memories and yet still have a question...

I'm so thankful for any help.... thank you! Thank you!

m(_  _)m  <--bowing respectively            
 ( ; ^o)//   <--- praying desperately not to have to read the memories "combing out" section!
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Birthday! [16 May 2007|07:31pm]
They are two today! I recently dyed them and did some maintenance in celebration. :D

some more, plus my peacock sleeve is doneCollapse )
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bangs [16 May 2007|08:58pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I was wondering is any of you here have dreaded bangs, because I really want to make bangs, but my front dreads are the most dreaded, and it would be impossible to take them out, so I want to know if it might look alright.. It seems like dreaded bangs aren't ideal, but I really want bangs!!!! just but right above my eyebrows. If you do, could you post pics?

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[16 May 2007|09:43pm]

Went back to my original colour though you can't really see it :S

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