May 19th, 2007

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greetings everyone, I just joined this community. I'm Tim and I have had dreads since the start of tenth grade, so thats.... four years now. I'm not at my computer so I don't have a vast number of imges to choose from, but heres one from a while back:

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A gift from Goss :)

Hair Ties and Locking Accelorator

I checked the memories for a similar posts and didn't see one, but forgive me If I just overlooked them. There are a lot of entries t =)

My dreads are still babies, only a couple months old. I tie them back a lot of the time and slap a bandanna on over, just leaving some of the front locks hanging free.

My first question is, does anyone think that's keeping them from locking as well or as quickly? They seem to be doing alright, so far as I can see, but I'm no expert. I know hair needs room to lock and I'm thinking that I might be slowing down the proccess by bunching them together for so long every day. 

Or maybe I'm just being over protective of my babies =p. 

My second question has to do with locking accelorator. How well do the commercial brands work? But more importantly, is there any homemade accelorator I can use? I really prefer putting organic things on my head when possible, used 100% pure beeswax ((which I HIGHLY reccomend, it comes out with no muss or fuss)), and I mostly just rinse my dreads off real well with water, but I'd like to make sure they lock tight and preferably quickly.

Thanks =D

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If I dread using the braid method (letting my hair grow out of braids and dread as it does so), how long should the dreaded bit be before I can cut off the undreaded/braided hair - at the shortest?