May 24th, 2007


loose roots/hair

so, this is my first post in this fabulous group and i promise to put pictures up as soon as i gain some confidence. i've had my dreads for 2 months (on the 26th of this month!) and while they are going well, i was wondering about loose hair (at the nape of my neck and strands). what is the best way to encorporate loose strands of hair into dreads (anyway besides clockwise rolling). also, what is the best way to get my roots to tighten? and does everyone have a little loose hair near their hairline on your neck?

thank you guys so much for your advice. all of your beautiful pictures are soo inspiring!!!

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So last weekend my boyfriend and I spent hours combing out my dreads.
Obviously I had started them wrongly.
I didn't backcomb them well enough and therefor they loosened way too my with every washing, so I ended up crocheing them too much, causing them to become mere strands of bound together hair.
Only the back of my head dreaded well, because I slept on them every night.
But they became ugly because they were backcombed too loosly in the beginning.
My lesson:
Next time I get dreads I'll have them done and  maintained professionally.

It feels good to be able to run my fingers through my hair again.

And I'm glad that now my bf is willing to pet head again and play with my hair.
For some reason he didn't when I had dreads.
He thought my hair felt weird and itchy.

Talking about Itching, it drove me crazy and was the main reason for me to comb them out.

Luckily my hair didn't get damaged too badly by the dreading they are soft and shiny again now.
I think I will a long time before I will get dreads again.
Next is a dyejob.
And maybe soon I will have some fake dreads braided in by a friend.

The main thing causes my itching I think was Seborrhoïsch eczeem which is the Dutch name for it I don't know what the English name is.
It's a sort of dandruff that mounds up on the skin between the hairs
and because of the knotts I wasn't able to wash it out properly as I normally would without the dreads.
It completely sucks because well as I have a sensitive skin on my head I can't have dreads or braids or anything. either my head just starts itching because of the mounds of flakes on my head or it starts itching because the skin gets braided too tight and I and up with a cirkel of red bumps around my hair :(
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3.75ish years!!

also, if theres anyone in here from the binghamton, syracuse, norwich, ny ish area, let me know! i'm here for a while and haven't got anything to do, lets meet up!

2 months nearly.

Just thought i'd post a few photos and ask if everyone thinks they are coming along nicely :)?
They have shrunk so much, i was expecting them to shrink, but not this much this quickly! Suppose it means they are locking up right?

Photos this way. sorry for posting a fair bit, but you know, new things = novelty, and whats better than dreads.

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