May 25th, 2007

jellyfish wisp

General textual flailing!

There is precious little that delights me as much as running into another locked individual; especially if it's unexpected.
I mean, if I go traipsing about the Ave, or Capitol Hill (this is the greater Seattle area I'm speaking of), I expect to smile and wave at a handful of fellow dread-heads; but around where I live, I've actually yet to spot another head of serpents.
Until today!
Bused over to Woodinville with m'brother to see a movie, and we stopped by a local grocery store for drinks and small nibbley-bits. On our way out, I walk past an aisle (coffee, I do believe), and something catches my eye. I stop, and peer back, and I am faced with a head of shockingly red, and strikingly tidy (I have also yet to see someone who keeps their roots as tight as mine! I almost squealed! *flails happily*) locks. They were downright beautiful. They were the kind of locks that inspires one to want to always wear your own down--wild and bold. Before I knew it, I was halfway down the aisle.
"I really love your locks!" I was gushing, and coloring.
"Oh! Thanks!"
I believe she may have been working (I'll admit I wasn't paying too much attention to what she was doing--her locks were mesmerizing [does anyone else here have a tendency to fetishize locks? *tugs nervously at collar*]), so I scrambled away; not only out of fear of harassing her, but also that I might further embarrass myself.
W-ville is, all in all, a rather conservative city (as is the surrounding area, I've found), so coming across a dread-head, let alone one that was significantly modified, just... absolutely made my day.
*wiggles to self* Yis. Gushing about anonymous individuals. HUZZAH!

But speaking of seeing locks, any peeps in the greater Seattle area heading to FolkLife (the Northwest FolkLife Festival, that is) this weekend? I probably should have checked before hand, because FolkLife certainly seems like the type of shindig where one could arrange a meet-up. *grins*
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