May 26th, 2007

dreadlocks are fun

Captain Jack Sparrow has some pretty mean dreadlocks this time 'round.
I wonder how they do it? I mean, obviously it's a wig, but do you think they're synth or wool, or what?
It's cool though, they look good!

and myself, do make this legit.

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I don't know how many of you remember but a while back but I was told I couldnt work for my father at the Hyundia dealership he works for because of my dreads. I would make $3000 for the five weeks of work at the sale during June, which I need deseperatly for school next year. But because this sale has broken the world record for most Hyundias sold worldwide and the more help the better. Well... I just got told about half an hour ago that I can work there starting first thing tomorrow!!! I just need to make them look professional, which means there getting rubbed down with aloe to take care of the frizzies tonight.

Woo hoo!!!

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may 13th i had a freak accident where i managed to slip on a glass bottle which dislocated my ankle and broke it in two places.
may 15th was supposed to be my second Tool show.. we had 5th row seats.
may 16th i had surgery.
may 17th my locks turned two years old.
may 18th i got to come home.
ive been here since... may 31st i get a real hard cast and can actually go outside! yay!

anyways heres some pictures..
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My dad is ranting at me right now about my hair XD
He said just now: "What do employers think when they see your dreadlocks? I'll tell you! They'll think what the fuck, we don't want a smelly drug addict who loves fucking coons working for us!"

I am laughing so hard.