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[28 May 2007|02:53am]
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NEW [28 May 2007|08:54am]
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New dreads...in the making and next day picturesCollapse )

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[28 May 2007|09:04am]
wellll i'm having my first dread-crisis in a year and a half.
over the past couple of months, my roots have been getting loose and super thin.
the new growth is significantly smaller than the rest of the dreads and i want to stop it before they get small enough to just, break off.
i'm in the new orleans area.
i've been palmrolling as close as i can to the roots, and clockwise-rubbing with my palm but it doesnt seem to make a permanent difference.

this is what they look like.Collapse )
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[28 May 2007|02:02pm]
i went to the beach with my lovely ladies and had a blast! my dreadies tasted fresh ocean salt water and loved it. funnily enough, i just cut my babies off last night! so here are the last pictures of my babies before i chopped 'em!

love and friends and dreads!Collapse )
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newb-tastic. [28 May 2007|05:59pm]

i found this community as a result of work-induced, web-surfin' boredom, and am completely and totally stoked that i did. i've been a dreadhead for almost two years and have yet to find some like-locked folk in my neck of the woods. i figured i'd introduce myself so's not to be a stranger anymore. =)

i dreaded my hair in september 2005, shortly after arriving in germany as part of a year-long study abroad program. having come from a relatively restrictive southern upbringing, the shiny, new-found parentless freedom--and some encouragement from my best friend--led to the conception of my babies a year earlier than i'd planned. originally, i'd intended to dread my hair my freshman year of college, then cut them whenever i graduated. [which will probably be in seven more years... hooray for grad school!] now, as they near their two-year mark, i've become more and more convinced that if i ever cut them off, i'd be miserable til i had enough hair to grow them back out again. they're as much a part of me as anything else, and most people don't even remember what i looked like before i had them. and speaking of which...

the obligatory dread timeline.Collapse )

i'll do my best to get a picture of my decorating spree from the last week or so [celebrating the return home and escape from over-bearing opinionated bosses!], soon as i figure out where i packed my digital camera... which may take a while. =/

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brown and black [28 May 2007|07:55pm]

you can kinda see the brown in my hair here...right now it's just randomly sprinkled around my head, along with the hair underneath. i'm thinking of adding more or lightening the brown. thoughts?
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