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Outside the Cage [01 Jun 2007|09:58am]

Shades offer protection from predators...

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conditioning treatment [01 Jun 2007|03:49pm]
Instead of using olive oil and hot water for a conditioning treatment for your dreads could you replace the olive oil with almond oil?
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Need a helping haaaaannnnd.... [01 Jun 2007|10:15pm]

Anyone in Somerset fancy tackling my unruly fuzzies? I live between Taunton and Bridgwater, but I can travel if its not too far (or mebbe throw money at you to come to my cottage...whichever works.)

I have been trying to do the crocheting myself, but to no avail. I think its just bad technique on my part.

I'd really appreciate anyone's help, as I'm getting handfasted in July, and I'd like to look all earthy and prettyfied!

Thanks peeps!

Lem xx

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