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[05 Jun 2007|12:54am]
a little improvised song for you guys(which didnt get fully recorded due to not enough space on my camera) and some more pictures.

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Fly! [05 Jun 2007|03:00am]
a little walk with litl_maggot

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Making the decision...and a question... [05 Jun 2007|09:28am]
Hey everyone. I'm brand new here, and I've just decided to do what i've wanted to do for years. I've recently made some HUGE changes in my life and for the first time i'm starting to feel comfortable in my own skin, which is more than I can say for the past twelve years or so of my life.
Since i have a feeling this could be a long entry, i'm going to cut it for length.
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New Shampooooooo! [05 Jun 2007|10:42am]
My dreads are about 3 months or so old. I haven't been keeping them very clean lately due to the fact that I didnt like my current shampoo. i have been using dr bronners peppermint soap. it seemed no matter how much i diluted it or how much i rinsed, i was left with this nasty residue feeling in my hair. so looking through the memories, i came across a lot of soaps, mostly brands that are not found easily near where I live. I did come across one person who said that they loved Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shampoo. I ran out and bought a bottle and wow. i love it. it does the job quite well. it left my scalp feeling remarkably clean and my hair feeling soft. rinsing it was very easy. Anyways, just though that i would throw a little recommendation out there. it cost about &10 for a 10oz. bottle. which isn't too cheap, but it's not all that expensive either.
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thinning dreads at the roots [05 Jun 2007|04:03pm]
did we ever work out what to do with dreads that were thinning at the roots.... enough so that the dread would break off eventually with lack of hairs supporting it?
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[05 Jun 2007|05:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

little picture update :)
I've took out all of my woolen dreadies because they are preventing my real dreadlocks from developing 
and I wanted to look more natural :)

 (clickable, more at my own LJ)

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[05 Jun 2007|11:20pm]
Hi everyone! Wanna join to this communiti, so let me introduse myself (sorry for my english :D )
my name is Natasha, i'm from Russia, from Vladivostok)
I have dreadlocks for 11 month, its about 33
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