June 6th, 2007

I cant grow my dreads yet but at least i can think about how i wll... ;)

Hi I’m new here, still waiting for my hair to be long enough to dread and trying to read everything that has ever been written about dreads so that I can do mine right… lol

That said, I’ve got a bit of a technical question maybe not answerable but I’d like to think i worth considering as I think as it poses some interesting options to help lock up.

Do dreads require some loose hairs to lock up/ lock up faster with loose hairs?

-And therefore by extension, can dreads be made to mature faster, grow fatter or lock up faster at the roots by having more loose hairs? -

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First post!

I'm a long time lurker, but finally am able to post for realz!

My one month dreadiversary was a couple of days ago. My lovlies are not nearly as nice as they were the day I backcombed them, and are messy-messy (they have to hide under a bandanna most of the time, they're so shy!). When people I know ask me what I'm doing with my hair or if I have dreadlocks, my general response is "I don't know exactly what my hair is right now, but whatever it is, it's something that wants to be dreadlocks when it grows up." :)

This has been an exercize in patience for me: I'm very much into instant-gratification and spontaneous change. Usually when I want to do something new to my hair I hightail it to a store and but bleach and bright blue dye or run into the bathroom and cut it all off haphazardly. But I've known from the start that this would be a long process, and one that I would hopefully see through to the end: some things in life are worth the extra effort. But it definitely makes me happy to see the progress from week to week!

In any case, I have some quesitions (after spending a good portion of the afternoon sifting through the memories: what a great resource!):

In regards to salt water:
-Some people swear by soaking dreads in salt water (alá swimming in the ocean or filling up a sink), but I've also heard that spritzing your hair a couple of times a day with salt water has the same effect. Any thoughts?
-Also, would it be okay to add some essential oil to salt water to make it smell nice, or would this somehow interact with whatever it is about the salt that aids in knotting? (I am a bit of a chemistry doofus, my apologies!)

Also, I know that one month is a bit too early to be worried about maintenence (like crocheting or working on rounding tips), but is there any way to "know" when a set of locks would be ready and able to handle that sort of thing? I have a feeling that it's rather subjective and really depends on the individual set of locks, but I figured I'd ask just in case there's something (like a certain ratio of loose hair to knotted hair, or a certain texture or something! ;p) that will clue me in to try working on these things without the risk of damaging my fledgling locks. :)

So, sorry if this post is a bit long (and you don't even get the reward of pictures), and sorry if the questions are dumb! But I would very much like to benefit from your wisdom. I hope one day to have dreads as nice as many of the lovely people here!

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(no subject)

I've read the memories, but I just wanted to ask as question related to combining dreads. Mine are 1 month old, and admittedly I have a lot of loose hair, especially at the back that will lock in and make my dreads fatter... but they're quite skinny at the moment... pencil thin. I'm a little worried about breakage later on down the track, as well as the fact I'd like em a little more beefy!

Picture of my skinny dreads under the cut for the sake of it:
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My question is, is it better to do this while they're still young and soft? (I'd assume so...)

My dreadlings are only a month old, though I don't plan on touching them until they're around the four month mark, but I figured if it best to combine them while they're soft and full of loose-hairs to lock, I might try combining them now, before they start really getting tight. Advice?

Oh, hi.

I'm new to this community, so I apologize in advance if I don't post this correctly.


My babies were done by my friend, they took 11 hours.
I used wax at first, and now have reverted to sea salt/ocean bathing.
Even with the dandruff, I LOVE them.

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