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You can stand under my um-ber-ella [08 Jun 2007|01:21am]
[ mood | creative ]

Any dreadheads around Philly? I just moved to the city and have seen some lovely locks around town. Where are you?? I would love to meet some knotty folks in the area :)

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woop [08 Jun 2007|01:06pm]
hey. i'm Ros, eighteen and from England. this is my first ever post on here, but i've been a member for a long time.

i've had dreads for quite a while. i've lost track but it's around two years or so, but regardless of that, it's about time that i post a couple of pics.
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[08 Jun 2007|01:44pm]
my friends!

i've collected some of the more revealing pictures taken recently of my ddrrruds. maybe you liking to be looking at them, yes?

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anyways!!!! thanks!!1
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[08 Jun 2007|03:19pm]
I'm Saskia and i'm kinda new here. I'm 18 and i study graphic design/art school.
my dreads are about a year old, almost. a friend of mine made them. they're extremely hard, everybody keeps on telling me that =P.
the color changes whenever I feel like it.
so take a look
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have a nice day!
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[08 Jun 2007|05:28pm]
i am considering taking out my front dreads and getting bangs but i want to see some pictures of dreadies with bags first so i was wondering if anyone with dreads and bangs would mind posting some pictures of them. also, for those with dreads and bangs: did you have to wash your hair more when you got the bangs? and do you faind it hard to take care of?
thank you
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They're gone [08 Jun 2007|08:16pm]

It was time. I'd had them for 5 years and loved them to bits. But it was just time for a change
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i know.. only a questions post. [08 Jun 2007|10:35pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

hello all you beautiful dreaded (and those who dream of dreads as i do) people. i am planning on dreading my hair sometime this year as it has been a thing i've considered for AGES. my question IS...... (and i know some sort of this has been asked before and i have looked in the memories/various online sources)

BUT since i think some of you either have experience WITH hair police or have been trained there perhaps..

what are your thoughts on dread perms? my hair NEVER tangles, i have no idea where a brush is in my home as i never need to brush it. also, i don't know anyone/trust anyone enough to do it themselves (other than possibly hair police).

for whatever reason, a photo of moi :)

ps, i enjoy ALL the posts from the dreaded lovelies out there. hopefully very soon i can join in that!

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Question [08 Jun 2007|11:38pm]
So I scanned through the memories and nothing popped out
If its there please direct me

Anyways my lock are going on three weeks, still very young, the roots are doing really well but after about 3 inches my hair seems to be getting looser. I backcomed it all minus mayb about an inch on the bottom. Wear it down other than when i'm at work and wash it about every other day(its seems alot tighter after I wash it)So I'm thinking that if i just let it go it will lock up eventually, but i'm not so sure

I guess my question would be should i recomb my ends, rubberband them, or will they be okay and knot up eventually?
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