June 9th, 2007


hiya dreadheads

New to the community..
i'm currently in the process of growing my locks out
because i didnt treat them well for a few months. It's
been about a year that i've had them. Sometimes theyre
cute as hell, sometimes i want to shave my head. I'm
still being indecisive... i've been growing them out for
roughly 3 months, meaning that i haven't backcombed
or maintenenced them at all. I stopped using dreadie shampoo
too and started using regular shampoo with no conditioner.
this was probably month 6 or so. booooooo.

anyone cut their locks off so that you have really short hair?
i want to see a pics of something that might work for me!

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Crown of Tentacles

My first post!
I finally did it, 11 hours, 42 dreads
these pictures were taken 15 minutes ago, right after I finished them this morning.

After reading through the memories which are extremely helpful, and being inspired by everyone's posts in this community, I decided to not use wax or section perfectly or try to make them the same size, I like the look of each dread having it's own thing going on. I grabbed a chunk of hair and backcombed. My only regret is that I found this community AFTER I got the stupid dreadheadhq set, I would have bought lots of tea tree oil etc instead if I had know it would be so pointless. But the shampoo I will use up along with T-Gel, since I need it already for a flaky head. And I want to make my own eventually.

I am so happy with how they turned out, I was expecting to loose a lot more length? I'm sure they will though once the process go into effect. Anyway, these mean so many symbolic and sentimental things to me, and I needed to do them for myself, right now. I should have done them when I first seriously started thinking about doing them over a year ago.

And, thanks everybody for the posts in the memories.
New friends welcome :D
Okay, pictures!

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