June 10th, 2007

face of the me


Yesterday 4 years of college, a giant nervous breakdown and $20,000 sort of paid off as I graduated from the University of Washington and attended the commencement from HELL (thanks, shitty weather and Congressman Norman Dicks), yay, cum laude and with distinction, even. Now in a couple weeks I will have a pretty wall decoration that cost 20 grand, my diploma! Well. I HOPE it will be more than just home decor, but you know how stuff works out sometimes. So, since I've slacked off with visiting the Internets, I thought I'd post some pictures now that I have a break for ~4 months before graduate school. I'll take some pictures of my dreads specifically later to post, I absolutely love having them! Too bad so many years went by without...

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Hope everyone has an awesome summer!

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Hello lovely peoples :)
Im wondering, my (undreaded hair) ends are kind of damaged (even though ijust got a hair cut) and i will be dreading up in a month or so. Should i cut them off (bringing my hair up to just below shoulder length) or just leave them for making the dreads? Like, should i have my hair in really good condition for making dreads?
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