June 11th, 2007


Hey I'm Cat, I'm 18(19 in 9 days) and I have always wanted dreads. I have a history of excessive hair coloring so I usually have short hair to prevent too much damage. I'm actually in school right now for cosmetology as well. So today I decided to dread the hair that was long enough which was my girly burns. I need bangs at all times and the rest of my hair is only about two inches long. Thats probably a lot to process with out an actual picture but my camera is broken at the moment. Anyway I'm planning on getting synthetic dread extensions on the short part of my hair in the near future. Sorry this was all confusing but I just wanted to say hi and fill you all in :)

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My dreadlocks are about two weeks old. They're coming along. This community has been such a wonderful source for information. Thankya.

I have three dogs, and two of them develop dreads usually behind their ears and in their armpits. My mom usually cuts them off when she's in a cleaning frenzy. I was thinking that when my dreads get more mature I good steal some of dogs' locks and sew them in. My manfriend's concern is that I'll give myself fleas, but I tell him no worries because all my dogs are flea, tick, etc free.

Has anyone here tried this before? I can't imagine it would be that much different than sewing in human dreads.
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I'm leaving my thinner dreadies in as opposed to just taking them all out. It's too hard to part with them. :( But I was wondering what I should do to decorate them. I found some cool sting with red and white stripes, I don't really have many beads lying around. How about you guys post some pictures of your hair and the various things you put on 'em? I understand I could just scroll down and look at recent posts, but this is much more convenient and I'd probably get better and more relevant picture results this way. :D

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so, im half african american, and i have really nappy hair, and i plan to start dreadlocks tomorrow, i wanted to know, should i comb out tangles i have and start it new with a complete afro, or is it good that i already have tangles/knots/mini almost dreadlocks and work from there?