June 12th, 2007

countryside chillin :)

very nice day the other day in the good ol' hampshire countryside :) chilled up Butser Hill listening to Bob Marley, havin a smoke and enjoying the beautiful views and a damn good laugh with my boys ! :)
(duno why the pics are a bit small, my friend uploaded them..).

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one love
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wool in dreads

Anyone sew thin wool into dreads (same colour as dreads) to sew in loose hairs and thicken weak spots, or shape thin dreads into thicker dreads.... esp where its thin at roots and thickens down the dread where the original backcombing was done?
hear no

2 years, 1 month and 2.5 weeks

yeah, so i missed the two year update a while back and didnt even realise! mini timeline for ya (check out the growth recently):

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I'm starting to feel the need for a change again colourwise. any suggestions?

oh, and a big woop for today it is that i hit 14bs (/1 stone/6.3kg) lost since my birthday. :)

lock maintainance

hey fellow dreadies!
first off, i think you all are soo amazing and i love reading about everyone every day. i will post some pictures someday, when i gain some confidence.
i know that some people crochet their dreads for cleaning them up a bit. is that for fixing lumps? or incorporating peices of loose hair into dreads? how do you fix lumps in dreads - any other way besides palm rolling?
also, can i put beads on anytime? my dreads are about 10 weeks old, and i am wondering if its too late to add any beads?
thanks so much

love to all