June 20th, 2007


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So, my dreads are two months and a week old. I left hair out in the front for the purpose of covering/hiding them at work and also from my mom. Although, I let my mom know I had dreads eventually, I still pull them back for work. My mom thinks they're disgusting.

basically all of the dreads in the back fell out or grew together in unpleasant ways within the first couple of weeks, so i ended up brushing them out. i had a lot of issues backcombing them myself, and the few my friend did for(before she got distracted by tv and my guitar) were very loose. i didn't put them back in because i'm lazy(and distractible).

Oh, i guess the whole point of this is to say hello, and some one pleaseplease tell me i'm not insane. Everyday that i go to work some one asks me where my dreads went(the hair hiding it works really well, so i take them down to show that i still have them), and then they proceed to ask me why i'm not doing them right, or why they don't look good, or why it's taking so long. It drives me crazy. I know they take time, but these people are making me feel like i'm not doing something right. Which is silly, because I don't think any of them actually know how to make dreads. Also, after a couple of weeks of palm rolling I decided it was boring and to let them do their own thing, for the most part. Collapse )
Anyways, I love this community, and the memories.
(sorry if I was rambling)
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Dread re-cunstruction! First:demolition

w00t! I'm using the memories here this time to make the dreads. According to Lish's size chart I will have chunky-dreads! And my previous number was "ridiculous". Well obviously (^_^)

The orriginal plan was to wait a year before re-dreading, but I hate not having locs now, so I'm starting again as soon as the combing is done! Half way through, day 2. I'll post pics of before, after! <3

Thanx for all ya'lls wonderful help! xxxooo
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After a lot of deliberation, I started my third set of dreads last night. Well, my tireless and saintly fiance started them for me yet again. They're backcombed like crazy and they're still sticking straight out from my head. I feel happy.

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A 1 AM snapshot, right after completion:

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Thanks, guys. Peace.
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Hello, My name is Shiv and I'm new-ish...by that I mean I've been a member of the community for over a year, but haven't posted though I have been reading about dreads, learning about dreads, and admiring everyone's hair. I didn't want to post till I felt comfortable doing so, I'm really kind of ridiculously shy in that way.

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Hi, my name is Kay and I have a hair dilemna.

I want my dreadlocks back. I originally got dreadlocks two years ago and they lasted just over a year. My last post here was in the comments to a pregnancy and dreadlocks post where we were talking about hairloss during pregnancy and dreadlocks. I got my first dreadlocks just before I got pregnant, and I don't think pregnancy treated them very kindly thanks to lots of sleeping and morning sickness. [http://community.livejournal.com/get_up_dread_up/2909502.html]

Shortly after my "determined to salvedge them" comment pregnancy hormones, coupled with hair loss after pregnancy, sadly made me give them up. It was crazy, after my baby was born I felt an overwhelming desire for change. After buckets of conditioner and feverish attacking with a comb for all the hours in a week I managed to brush my dreads out.

I miss them.

The problem now is I can't persuade my husband to redo them for me. He won't budge.

I'm still nursing, and have heard rumours that I have another round of hair loss coming up when I wean my little boy,

I do want a sibling for my child, and so am concerned that I'll just repeat the dreadlock freak out a second time around.

My queries are thus:

1) Does anyone have any experience getting through pregnancy and/or weaning with dreadlocks? (I know this is repeating the first post I originally responded to, but as my own answer would have now changed I also wonder if anyone else has any further input since the question was first asked?)

2) Does anyone have any contacts with locticians in Atlanta who don't cost the earth and have experience with fine caucasian hair that they would recommend? Preferably locking without wax, I think that was a mistake last time too.

3) I found a guy called Bornu in Stone Mountain online - don't suppose anyone has had any dealings with him have they? I know, I can just call him and ask, but hairdressers make me nervous at the best of times so places that are appointment only really get me stupidly freaked. Also, for some reason I am also stupidly nervous about approaching loctitions in Atlanta because I'm not African-American (I'm British), so any recommendation would be much appreciated.

4) Same question as #3 but instead relating to Tampa as it looks like I may be relocating there in September.

Thank you so much for listening, and for any input you may have. I loved my locks, I wish I'd held firm, damn hormones. *sniff*