June 22nd, 2007

Hello Again

Hi all
Sorry I haven't been around much, my PC died and I got rid of it, so im leeching off my flatmates laptop whilst he is away! I shall be back for good in 2 months as I have a PC waiting for collection somewhere when I move into my house in August!

I have a few photos or you. Not all that great, but good enough.

Just hit a year and a half old!
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I will rule the world.

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My (mostly) locked friends,

I have had the locks for a year...and four days. I completely couldnt remember the exact day until I looked at the folder of pics this morning. In honor of celebrating, me and my just-woken-up self decided to take pics of the now seasoned locks. I couldn't start them without the help of you guys, so I can't forget my roots (no pun intended.)

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bent over


Hi I'm Abby and I've been thinking of dreading my hair for a long while now. The only problem is, I don't know anyone that is experience in making dreads and I'm too scared to put my hair in someone else's hands... does anyone know anyone around the Houston area that could help me out? Also, here is a picture of my current hair, would I look okay with them?

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