June 28th, 2007

wrong by killprettyx

Can I stop back-combing now?

I'm new here, although I've lurked around for a couple of years now while waiting for my hair to grow long enough for dreads. Honestly, it's a little scary to post, but I've read the memories, I swear!

So. I back-combed some dread-like things in my hair two weeks ago or so, and I've been re-back-combing nearly every day because I have the slipperiest hair ever and they'll easily come halfway--or more--loose in a day or two. I swear, I'm back-combing the hell out of it too...it shrank up quite a bit. My hair is just *that* smooth and healthy. I haven't combed/brushed it in ten years or so and until I dreaded myself I could run my fingers straight through my hair, hitting nary a tangle. So I keep back-combing, and I'm so horrible at it, I keep stabbing that flipping flea comb up under my thumbnail when I really get going fast, and it's all kind of tedious, really. So...when can I stop? I know that after the dreads start forming it's not good to do combing of any sort, but how loose should they get while they're trying to form? I don't want to hinder them, but I don't want them to come completely out, either. Everybody keeps telling me to put rubberbands in the ends, but that looks...not cool at all.

Oh, and I have to ask: would wax be...goodish in this particular situation? I know the general sentiment here is anti-wax, and I haven't used it on myself because I'd rather look bad and fuzzy for a while if it means my dreads will "dread" faster. But I did dread a few rows on my three year old son's head with the smallest bit of wax after and his haven't come undone at all. Which is good because he's only letting me do a few at a time; I can't imagine trying to re-back-comb them every day.

Thanks for any advice!

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ETA: added a pic so you can see what I'm talking about. I took the advice of some of the replies and back-combed, r&t, and then rubberbanded some of them last night and those are the ones not 1/3 of the way undone this morning, so maybe that's the way to go for a while. Uncool, but better than no dreads.

And ignore my sweatiness...I'm in southern OK and we almost never run the air conditioner.