July 2nd, 2007

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A few questions....

Alright, I have a couple simple questions on using salt water, and yes, I've read the memories so please don't yell at me (unless I'm entirely inept and missed something).

First Question: Does using salt water leave any residue (like white flakes) on your dreads? While reading the memories I saw that someone had a complaint with a dreadheadhq or knottyboy spray that did this, so I was wondering if your average home made spray might do the same?

Second Question: I know that tea tree oil soothes the scalp, and salt water tightens the babies, would there be any problem with making a mix of the two to spray?
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Last summer i deceided to cut my three year old dreads off
because it was so hot, but after a while i missed them really much
so i made a couple back on a while a go

but i never posted some pics;

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