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I Has Concentration... [05 Jul 2007|09:35am]
My g/f snapped this picture as I was studiously videotaping a band I like... I may join this band at some point...

I lost the hat that evening. Dammit.

And here's me from the front...

And... this is a pic of me with the bestest girl in the land.
(She took the pics!)

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yayy [05 Jul 2007|10:50am]
4 days old!

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i'm still in my pj's.... [05 Jul 2007|12:13pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Morning, dreadheads!
People are always introducing themselves to the
community and I realized that I never made a formal
introduction myself... So here it is, folks.

My name is JILLIAN.
I've had dreadies for nearly A YEAR.
I am currently GROWING THEM OUT.
But only because they're OUT OF CONTROL.
I didn't get dreadies for any particular reason; i just fell in love with them.
(it has nothing to do with my religious beliefs, or musical taste, etc)

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So here's the new dreads!!! [05 Jul 2007|06:06pm]
My comp had to be fixed so I couldn't post sooner, but I got more pics this way!

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[05 Jul 2007|10:45pm]
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