July 6th, 2007


hello hello all.
ive ben a lurker for quite some time now, because i was too much of a wuss to get dreads and i just admired all of yours :)

my name is patti <3

but now im actually going to grow some balls and do it! right now, i have 4 dreads sitting in my hair- two underneath and two ontop. i just wanted to see what they would look like and if my hair would take dreads fairly easily. they look great for only a few weeks old.

unfortuantly, i dont have any pictures yet. i plan on taking some today if i can find my camera.

but one question- does anyone know where i can find cheap hairwraps in the philly, pa area?

thaaaank you and happy dreading! <3
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months ago i posted somewhat of a time line and my recently half shaved head, thus having spare dreads laying around that i promised to send people, well i soon found out that i had head lice and was way too scared to send them off, obviously not wanting the little buggers infecting anyone else, so after getting over my ego and realising they're only bugs and i shouldn't feel threatened by them, i finally made this post to appologise, so, what i am now asking is do you think it's safe to send them off now that they've been sitting in the sun on and off for the last few months.. ?

and no pictures as my camera was stolen.. :(


hi guys, i'm new here :)
i've been thinking about getting dreads for a while, and i finally decided to do it.
they are a little shoddy looking as i did them myself..

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