July 8th, 2007


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Is there anyone in the Seacoast NH area who'd be interested in helping me start a set of dreads? I'd also be willing to drive down to Boston, but it'd be awesome to find someone close to home. My hair is down to my waist and insanely thick, and while one of my housemates and my partner have both offered to help, I'm pretty sure they're going to reconsider once they realize just how much backcombing is going to be involved. *crosses eyes*

I'd be happy to barter handmade jewelry (http://wearablesculpture.com/) in exchange for your help, or I'm sure we could work out some other arrangement since I know it's going to be a lot of work.

This will be my second time starting dreads, actually. I put in a set this spring but ended up combing them out this week. I didn't section my hair, which I later regreted, and my initial backcombing also wasn't very good and I went on to fuck with them way too much trying to fix my mistakes. If that wasn't bad enough, I then ended up stranded on a mountaintop in rural Montana for a week and then spent another week living out of a pickup truck (long story) and well... it turns out that leaving baby dreads in a ponytail for two weeks just isn't a good idea. By the time I got back to civilization, most of the underside of my hair had grown into one giant snarl that I wasn't able to rip back into individual dreadlettes, and the rest of my hair was so fucked up from all the stupid things I'd done in the beginning that I decided that I should just call the first attempt a learning experience, comb it out, and start over properly this time.