July 12th, 2007

A new member of the family

Well, hey there everyone.

Yes, i'm new. Well, new... i guess I joined this group under a different name a year or so ago, but then I left for a longer period and wasn't able to keep up. so here i am, all fresh and fruity to help out with the dread-facts.

My dreads are around 20 months old now. Not completely naturals, but after a few rotten first months I grew them natural along the path. To show, look underneath the Collapse )
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out of time

dread fuzzies

My dreads are a year and a half old.

I am TIRED of frizz, and related flat roots:

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I'd like to know what everyone does to stop the frizz and to accelerate lock.
I know, be patient (and I am), but I need frequent maintenances to help the hairs dread. I wish the frizzies would begin to tame down.

To repeat what someone else said earlier in their post, "Please Excuse The Face Texturization." Acne sucks. Big time. Especially when you're well into your thirties.
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I didn't see anything about this in the memories, if i missed it please point me in the right direction.
Say you have several lose hairs in the back of your head, would they eventually latch onto the other dreadlocks?
just me

Yay new webcam!

My web cam came in the mail today, so I thought I'd post a little something.
Unfortunately I can't get the microphone to pick up my voice very well, so this video has no sound, but I thought you may all like to see my two week old dreadies up close.

The dread I show near the end is well over a year old now. As you can see the end is really fat, but it gets really skinny up near my scalp...any advice on how to keep this dread alive and well? I'm afraid it will fall off!

Also, as I said, my dreadies are two weeks old now... but I haven't washed them yet. Do you think that they are safe to wash without worrying about them falling out, or should I give them a little more time? I went to a huge out door concert yesterday, and the temperature was 115! I had sweat quite a bit so my scalp must be filthy!

Fuzz got you down? (not the cops)

Well lets turn that frown upside down!! So iv read a lot of people complaining about fuzz and i cant keep leaving comments so i decided to take you guys on a little tour. I was gonna make a video....but im bashful yo. Also...i hate palmrolling, it does nothing! So some of you might know about this lil trick but if you dont, your in for a suprise!

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cat : )

(no subject)

I saw a guy today when I came into work who had beautiful dreads,  just having seen his made my day and added to my hope for mine in the future. they were a bit past his waist and looked like they had been with him always...so lovely : )
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(no subject)

I think it's been a while since I posted anything, and I just saw this photo of me from last month...

My dreads are pretty much exactly four years old give a day or so!
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